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Friday, July 24, 2009


The cutest little puppycake decided to come home with us yesterday. He's quite an active little guy. I'm sure he'll be the subject of a scrapbook someday... for now, though, it's all about cleaning up his little gifts.


  1. Your puppy is darling! Is it a Puggle? Your cards are really nice :o)

  2. Oh, he is just ADORABLE!!! I'm sure he will keep you busy!! Thanks for sharing!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS

  3. Yes, he's a Puggle (part Pug and Beagle).

  4. He is very cute! We have a Beagle and my in-laws have two 10 month old pug puppies. When we were looking for our puppy, my daughter wanted a Puggle so badly! And then she saw a picture of our new baby Stella and it was love at first sight! We have had her for two weeks now and she has settled in quite well. Her little "gifts" are few and far between now. Good luck with your new little guy!

  5. I am in love!!!!! He's so adorable!


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