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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Definitely Decorative Canisters

After remodeling the kitchen, I wanted to add some clean-looking (to match the rest of the house, of course... ha!) canisters for the counter. I found simple white canisters at Pier 1 - but often felt that they were too clean. So, I had ordered these Definitely Decorative canister designs from SU! and dirtied my counters a bit...

There are a few steps, so I thought I would outline them here, so you could see how simple it would be to decorate anything from walls to glass to just about any smooth surface. Too fun to apply! My DS is the hand model (and, incidentally, the voice of Rex in the voki above) while I took the photos:

1. Trim the design, if needed. Begin peeling away the sticky background from the protective sheet.

2. Peel away the protective sheet, making sure that the vinyl design remains on the sticky sheet. The image will appear in reverse (i.e. mirror image).

3. "Stick" the full sheet design to a smooth surface.

4. Use a flat tool (SU! sells one) to press the image and seal it, completely, to the smooth surface.

5. Very slowly, peel away the sticky sheet from the surface, leaving the design on the smooth surface.

6. Voila!

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